Porsche Boxster S

A full sound system

Job Description

In this Porsche build, we designed an audio system from top to bottom. Using the power from two Audison AV quattro amplifiers providing 8 channels we created a very powerful yet clean sounding system. These amplifiers were paired with the Audison bit Nove DSP to make the clarity even higher. All speakers were swapped to the Hertz Mille Legend line and the factory subwoofer box was remanufactured to fit a single Audison Prima 8″ subwoofer.

Projects Details

  • Alpine ILX-207 stereo
  • 2x Audison Voce quattro amplifiers
  • Audison Bit Nove
  • Hertz ML 280.3 1" tweeters
  • Hertz ML 700.3 3" midrange
  • Hertz ML 1650.3 6.5" woofers
  • Audison APS8D 8" subwoofer
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